I have 6 available sizes and unlimited amounts of patterns and colors. It's simple to order one. Just pick out a pattern, either on the internet or one you designed, the colors you would like, and the size.  Email it to me at tawney@coldspringcustombarnquilts.com. Please include the following information in your email; 

-Your name, address, phone number, and a backup email. 

-An image of the quilt, colors, and the size you would like (the image of the quilt can be copy/pasted from the gallery below or off of Google. Another option is for you to draw it onto graph paper then scan it and send it to me that way.) ​

 -Language like 'replace the blue in this image with the red I have chosen' would also help me create the exact color pattern you would like. I can also draw out some ideas for the colors and send them to you and you can choose from those
Once I have received your email, I will match the colors as closely as possible to the ones you would like, confirm your order, and begin to create your barn quilt!  A quilt can take anywhere from three to fifteen days to complete, based on the size, complexity, and the number of colors you would like. If you would like it done within a specific time frame, please let me know. It will take at least one full day per color, plus priming and the background color, so please account this into your time frame. I also may be busy with my personal life so the amount of time that your quilt will take to make will vary. 


    If you are wondering how much a certain design would cost, email it to me along with the size you would like. I will take a look at the design and let you know how much it would cost to make.
Please note that costs vary based on the complexity, number of colors, size and other factors so not every quilt will cost the same.